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Frau Angela Zaminer
Wien, am 26.07.2011



It definitely arises from the existing paper,
where the weak points of health are situated at these dogs.
To confirm these findings, other sources were consulted.
They also coincided with our opinion.

Also the Leonberger Clubs are requested
to battle against the well-known health threat
- cancer (here Osteosarkom is conspicuous),
cardiopathy, polyneuropathy, etc..
There ist already movement in case of the polyneuropathie,
which hopefully will end in positive results.

Accented and laudatory mentioned is the decreed limitation for male breeding animals.
We also look upon this first step to abate the inbreeding level favorably.

The dog isn`t a merchandise, it is a living creature,
equipped with the ability to think and to feel,
as cognitive ethology teaches.
This very fact is an ethic reason to act responsible for it.

We are very pleased about the cooperation with
Prof. Dr. Sommerfeld-Stur
and about this degree dissertation,
which hopefully is understood at large and internalized.
We would count ourselves lucky,
if it would provide a basis for the readiness to rethink
and to institute further steps to reform the breeding.

For the Leonberger dog!

We furthermore ask all Leonberger friends to give in
the following data about their Leonbergers:
Information about diseases, abnormal behavior,
cause of death, age of the dog at death, etc.
Only using continuous recording and evaluation of data
enables a realistic statement to advise to developements,
which are having negative influence on health and life expectancy of the breed.

To read and to circulate it is welcome. ;)

We thank Miss Angela Zaminer and Prof. Dr. Sommerfeld-Stur for their assistance.

We are continueing to gather information about the Leonberger dog
and are looking forward to the assistance of Leonberger friends.
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